The Crypto App Launches Pro & Pro+ Subscriptions: Unlock Crypto Insights Now!

The Crypto App Launches Pro and Pro+ Subscription Services

• The Crypto App has launched the new Pro and Pro+ subscription services designed to equip crypto enthusiasts with data, tools, and content for informed trading
and investing decisions.
• These services include proprietary analytics, curated metrics, insights from top crypto intelligence brands such as IntoTheBlock, TradingView, and Messari.
• The Pro offering is perfect for crypto enthusiasts and traders while the Pro+ offering is designed for research-focused long-term investors.

Features of the Subscription Services

The Crypto App’s Pro and Pro+ subscriptions offer a variety of features including:

Token Metrics

Powered by IntoTheBlock, Token Metrics consists of 21 proprietary signals and metrics designed to help users identify emerging market trends and capitalize on opportunities early. This tool helps users make informed decisions with potential increased returns in the crypto market.

Market Metrics

This feature offers 21 unique insights into Bitcoin and NFT-oriented markets powered by IntoTheBlock. It provides valuable information that can assist users in making informed decisions.

Portfolio Tracker

The portfolio tracker is a powerful tool that helps users track assets across multiple exchanges in real time, analyze their performance over time, compare portfolios to peers and the market aggregate, set up alerts for certain cryptocurrencies or tokens when they reach a particular price point or go above/below a certain threshold. Users can also view detailed charts of their portfolio performance in order to find areas where improvements can be made.

News Feeds & Price Alerts

Users are able to stay up-to-date on all the latest news related to cryptocurrency with personalized news feeds tailored specifically to each user’s interests as well as get alerted whenever there’s an important development or price change within the industry or pertaining to specific tokens they follow.

Premium Support & Exclusive Events

As part of their subscription service, customers will have access to priority support from The Crypto App team as well as exclusive events such as webinars with industry experts where they can learn more about cryptocurrency trading/investing strategies