Ripple CTO Breaks Silence On Coinbase Controversy

• Ripple CTO David Schwartz addresses accusations that Ripple paid Coinbase to list XRP.
• The allegations originally surfaced in a 2018 Bloomberg report and gained renewed attention recently, sparking controversy.
• Jeremy Hogan, a lawyer who supports XRP, has shed light on the reasons preventing Coinbase from reinstating XRP to its platform.

Ripple CTO Breaks Silence On Coinbase Controversy

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David “JoelKatz” Schwartz has stepped forward to confront suspicions and doubts regarding Ripple’s relationship with Coinbase, one of the leading crypto exchanges. The accusations suggesting that Ripple had incentivized Coinbase to list XRP, its native token, originally surfaced in a Bloomberg report from 2018 and have since been gaining renewed attention due to an ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Allegations Of Incentivization

An anonymous Twitter account called ScamDetective reignited the debate by asking how much everyone thought Ripple had paid Coinbase for listing XRP. To this inquiry, Schwartz replied regretfully that he was unable to share the real story behind it.

Coinbase’s Stance On XRP

Lawyer Jeremy Hogan believes that the pending judgment of the case is likely causing uncertainty around exchanges such as Coinbase taking a more cautious stance on listing XRP again. Back in November 2022, along with Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic, the exchange had removed XRP from its listings.

Implications Of The Case On Exchanges

The implications of Judge Torres‘ ruling are still uncertain as exchanges look for clarity before making any decisions related to listing or delisting any tokens associated with Ripple Labs Inc. If SEC declares that XRP is indeed a security then it would open up possibilities of class-action lawsuits against those who have been selling it without proper disclosures or licenses in certain jurisdictions. This could potentially lead to exchanges like Coinbase being held liable for aiding illegal activities if they were found guilty of listing unregistered securities without proper disclosure or licensing requirements being met beforehand.


The future of both cryptocurrencies associated with Ripple Labs Inc., namely XRP and XLM remain uncertain until SEC delivers an official verdict regarding their status as securities or not. Meanwhile, David Schwartz’s remarks about his regret at not being able to share details about how much money was exchanged between his company and Coinbase further complicate matters; leaving people speculating what exactly transpired between them back when they decided to list each other’s tokens on their respective platforms all those years ago?