Altcoins to Watch in February: APE, DyDx, GMT, and SAND

• Analysts are predicting a bull run for some altcoins during February.
• The four altcoins that are expected to experience a major breakout are APE, DyDx, GMT and SAND.
• Bitcoin price has dropped slightly while ETH, DOGE, Polkadot and XRP have surged to new highs.

The cryptocurrency space is showing signs of life after a devastating bear market in 2022. Although Bitcoin has been facing some bearish pressure lately, the majority of altcoins have seen an impressive increase in their prices. Ethereum, for example, rose above $1400, while Dogecoin climbed to more than $0.08. Polkadot was another top performer, reaching a high of $5, while XRP marked its day’s highs around the $0.3816 level.

The current situation has stirred up speculation of a short-term bounce, and some analysts are predicting a bull run for certain altcoins over the next 30 to 45 days. According to Mac, a well-known crypto analyst with 348K followers, four tokens are particularly likely to experience a breakout during this period: APE, DyDx, GMT and SAND.

APE, the most popular of the four, is expected to have the biggest impact on the market. It is one of the few tokens with an inflation rate of over 100%, meaning that its price could skyrocket in the coming days. DyDx, meanwhile, is predicted to undergo a breakout in February, while GMT and SAND are also expected to surge in the same month.

Overall, the crypto market is starting to show signs of life after a difficult year, with some altcoins primed to experience a significant bull run in the coming weeks. While Bitcoin is facing some bearish pressure, investors should keep an eye on the four aforementioned tokens, which could be the next big winners in the crypto space.