The Roman Map of Britain Sarua the Hampshire River Avon, or the Hamble

Sarna vars. Sarua (R&C 239) next

    I am now convinced that Sarua refers to the Hampshire Avon, rather than a corrupt version of Sabrina River Severn. I was in error to consider the cosmographer's order as less than orderly. See Saravus Old Sarum on this river.
    This won't end speculation that the Hampshire Avon was Ptolemy's river Alaunus. There were branches so named, and a site in the vicinity named Alauna

   The Hampshire town of Sarisbury SU5008 is recorded as Sarebury 1272x1307, Sarisbury 1538. Sarisbury is situated on what might be a Sarua, the River Hamble OE *Hamel-a 'crooked river'.