The Roman Map of Britain Maionio Wickham, Hampshire

Morionio (R&C 30) next

Morionio is the result of an 'a' being read as an 'o-r' digraph.

Maionio fills the gap in Iter VII of the Antonine Itineraries. The initial stage from Regno offers mileage adequate to reach Wickham (SU5711), but the next stage offers only enough mileage to reach Winchester Venta Belgarum if departing from Bitterne. A somewhat similar situation is found in Iter XIII where a line was skipped, in that instance the name of the lost destination was known from other sources. Morionio, as Maionio, is suitable for Wickham on the River Meon Maina (R&C 238). Clauimo var. Clauinio (R&C 29) is the adjacent entry and is readily equated with Iter viI's Clausentum which by default is Bitterne.

See further ERN p.288 Meon; PNRB p.419 *Moina

Iter VII (amended to correct the above-mentioned omission only)

477.10 Item a Regno Lundinio m.p. xcvi
  < Maionio m.p. xx
478.1 Clausentum m.p. x
478.2 Venta Belgarum m.p. x
478.3 Galleva Atrebatum m.p. xxii
478.4 Pontibus m.p. xxii
478.5 Londinio m.p. xxii

Land at 'Spurs Paddock' & 'Amani' Roman Industrial site SU5711 EHNMR-1268951 Britannia 30/1999 369-70
The Tennis Court, Shedfield House Roman settlement SU5513 EHNMR-637470