The Roman Map of Britain Blatocenon = Blatobulcio? Birrens

Alitacenon var. 2 ms. Alithacenon (R&C 164) next

Blatobulgio (AI 4671 Iter II)

    If -ceno- represents *keno 'empty', and -bulgio is for *bulcio  there can be an equivalence of the forms. 
    Pokorny: p 96 Root / lemma: bel-1 'to cut off' 
    MIr belach 'cleft, path, way'; Celt. *bolko-, -a, in W. bwlch m. 'cleft'; Bret. boulc'h 'cleft'; MIr bolg f. (the g following bolg the same)?
    Morgan defines W. bwlch as '... a break or breach. It is generally found in names of places where there is a narrow pass in the mountains'. 
    *Blato- 'flower' is found in the river name Bladon ERN p36. Blato could represent the old name of Middleby Burn.

Birrens NY2175